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eGolfLeagues Provides Internet Management of Your Golf League
(no software required)

If you are interested in evaluating, free of charge, click Sign-Up. 

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With eGolfLeagues (via the Internet)...

The League Secretary:

  • Ø  Maintains Golfer and Sub Lists
  •   Automatically Establishes Schedule & Opponents
  • Ø   Maintains Scores and League Standings
  • Ø   Automatically Calculates Each Golfer's Handicap 
  •   Posts Announcements for Each Round
  •   Sends Broadcast Emails to Golfers 
The League Golfers:
  • Ø   View Schedules & Opponents 
  • Ø   View Golfer and Sub List
  • Ø   View Scores and League Standings on the Leaderboard
  •   Update Personal Information (email, phone, address)

  online from anywhere an internet connection is available

Evaluation Period

Season Pricing
First 24 Golfers: $50 per League
More than 24 Golfers: $2 each additional golfer
(unlimited number of sub golfers)


We offer a free, no obligation trial period.
The evaluation period does not expire until after the first scores have been entered into the system, and extends for 2 more weeks allowing you to evaluate the system during your actual league season. 

This allows you to sign up to anytime of the year without worrying about an expiration date before your league begins. Once your league begins and the scores for the first round have been entered, you can continue to use the system free of charge for 2 more weeks before subscribing.

There is no obligation to continue using the system once the evaluation period has ended. 
We appreciate any feedback you can give us so we can make the system as complete as possible.

We appreciate your interest in




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